from satisfying to delighting ….

Warren Buffett said:

Live by the creed of delighting your customers, working with people, and establishing relationships with them, so that they in turn will want to delight your customers.

Learn how to project yourself and your attitude towards your fellow man, and a desire to make a friend out of every customer. You’ll manage to take ordinary products and services and turn your business model into an extraordinary business, from virtually nothing

Our passion is to always meet our customers’ expectations by satisfying their requirements, and we will then ensure long term customer loyalty by delighting them.

satisfying ……….

At Denlor IT Consultants we will find out what our customer’s criteria is for a successful outcome for solving the business challenges that they invite us to help them solve. We will then use this as a basis of how we will imagine the creation of activities that will deliver meaningful and positive business impact. Whether that is commercial, social, institutional, or cultural, based on actual innovations that can deliver demonstrable business benefits.

This is how we will always satisfy the requirements of our customers ……………..

A global programme for BP plc covering 55 countries and 361 locations

to delighting ……….

Our customer’s criteria for success will also detail their attitude to risk. Whether they need to solve business challenges by incremental innovations, or business change programmes, or they are looking for more radical innovations, or new business model adoption, we will map the correct risk profile to ensure the right business outcome, within the intended delivery timescales.

We are confident to say this because we are passionate about contributing to successful outcomes for our customers, because that is what will make us successful. Therefore, we are a results-orientated company, and experience has taught us that process and tooling, in of itself, cannot guarantee success. It is the people and the relationships that are formed between our customers and our teams that can ensure successful outcomes. As such, we are project methodology agnostic.

Of course, we will be able to work within Scrum, Kanban, PRINCE2 and PMP structures that adhere to our customer’s standards and procedures for executing projects on their behalf. Although, in the day to day details of delivery, we will only use project management theories, processes and procedures, as tools to be referred to, if there is an issue that can be solved by using them. If required, we can use our PMO as a Service to administer the delivery.

Our seasoned Programme and Project Managers are fully accountable for the outcomes of the engagements that they are responsible for. They have over 10 years of evidencable good track records of delivering successful IT projects and programmes. They are all passionate about what they do, and passionate about contributing to the successful outcomes for our customers.

This is what has made us demonstrably successful in capturing value for our customers, and for our business, for over 20 years.

Therefore, we have been ensuring long term customer loyalty…………. by delighting them

Global digital transformation programmes in BP plc and EMI Group plc