Case Study: St Pauls Carnival

50th Year Anniversary of the
St Pauls Carnival
Celebrating with the Windrush Generation

Following the very successful 50th Anniversary of the St Pauls Carnival, that was held on the 7th July 2018, the St Pauls Carnival (Bristol) CIC reviewed their operational performance and concluded that they needed to transform their business model to improve their operational effectiveness.

The need for change, and a strategy for change, was presented to the Bristol City Council Mayor’s Office, Bristol City Council Officers and Arts Council England in December 2018, which was endorsed by them, following the presentation.

Bristol Life Awards 2019, Best Events category

Denlor IT Consultants Limited provided a Consultant to the Board to analyse the existing mode of operation and the learnings from the 2017/18 year, in order to develop a new operating model that would address the requirements for a reorganisation, that was needed for St Pauls Carnival (Bristol) CIC to achieve its strategic imperatives. This analysis was used as the cornerstone of the strategy for change that was presented during the December 2018 session, to the major stakeholders.

National Outdoors Event Association 2019 Winner

The analysis of the organisation facilitated changes in three aspects of the business, People, Processes and Tooling, in the following way:

  • People: Changing the current operating model which was very constrained in some operational areas
    • Being more strategic at the head of the organisation (i.e. changing the Managing Director role to an Executive Director)
    • The NEDs reverting back to their Non-Exec accountabilities and being less operational
    • Bolstering the inward investment imperatives (i.e. improving commercialisation and the fundraising abilities)
    • Addressing one of the Business Plan Aims of increasing collaboration within the Bristol Arts eco-system, and beyond
    • Finding better methods for engaging with the community (i.e. introducing the Community Reference Group)
    • Bolstering the Board by introducing more NEDs to address experience gaps
  • Process improvements: by learning the lessons of 2018 and addressing operational improvement necessities
    • Finance Control imperatives as a top priority
    • Improving the support to the operational staff, and to the Board, by making the operational support processes more efficient
  • Tooling: by learning the lessons of 2017/18 where inadequate IT was making the operations very inefficient
    • Operational staff with disparate PC/Laptops, with various operating systems, with a plethora of incompatible office applications was impacting operations
      • Therefore, an IT Policy for the minimum IT standards required to optimally communicate and collaborate across the operational team was introduced
      • Providing an Office 365 platform that will just ‘work’ for all those that can conform to the IT policy
      • The IT policy mandates that all employees must conform to the IT policy and that the organisation will provide what is required for that conformance
    • Implementing a support arrangements via the Office Management and the operational team to ensure that there is a knowledge base to ensure that the operational staff has the means to use their business applications and IT infrastructure for maximised business advantage
    • Ensuring that the Office Manager has everything that is required (i.e. processes and tools) to support the Board

Achieving the above allowed the St Pauls Carnival (Bristol) CIC to implement a new Operating Model.

New Collaborative Organisational Structure

Updated Processes

Updated Tooling